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"We switched from the large national provider to WasteX and saved $8,196! They help us conduct our OSHA compliance each year at no additional fee."
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“We saved $7,550 per year by switching to WasteX! Give them a call today to find out how much you can save.”
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“We saved over $30,000 per year by switching to WasteX! Local service and low prices makes WasteX the best choice for medical waste disposal services in the area."
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“With over 50,000 patient visits per year, we need a reliable and cost effective disposal company. We use WasteX at all of our facilities and labs. They provide us with local service and a 3 year rate lock guarantee."
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Affordable Pricing

Average client saves 30% by switching to WasteX

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Locally Operated

The leading local medical waste disposal company in your area!

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20 Years Strong

Serving customers waste needs since 1997

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Rate Lock

Rates locked in for 36 months to never increase

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HIPAA & OSHA Training

Superior HIPAA & OSHA training to meet all your needs

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How We Help

WasteX Has Years of Experience

The WasteX team has 20 years of experience handling biomedical waste, biohazard waste, medical waste and sharps waste.

Giving Back

WasteX takes pride in giving back to their local community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance local education.

HIPAA & OSHA Compliance Training

Improper handling of medical waste can spread dangerous diseases. Proper training is the first step in efficient medical waste handling, but continued compliance and training programs are a must. WasteX offers a complimentary training program which meets the OSHA standard to ensure your team is up-to-date on industry best-practices. For example, did you know that identifying what is and is not medical waste is one of the most difficult elements of disposal? Sharps and soft waste may qualify for medical waste disposal while fabrics soaked in certain body fluids might not. Regulations vary by state so it’s critical you’ve got a partner who knows and follows the rules concerning everything from disposal to identification to frequency.

Medical Waste Disposal

Does your facility generate biohazardous, biomedical, or infectious waste? Then you know the responsibilities and regulations that come with disposing of this kind of waste properly. WasteX works with facilities requiring safe handling of medical waste including doctor’s offices, laboratories, and clinics. Controlled disposal of this kind of material is as important to the health of your employees as it is to the general public!

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Your office should have different systems in place for disposing of different kinds of waste. Medical waste, for example, may need to be picked up at a more regular frequency than pharmaceutical waste, which requires its own containment system. Mishandling of pharmaceutical waste can result in very hefty fines. Not only that, it can create a dangerous environment for your employees and your own community, putting everyone at risk. If you need help creating a management plan for your specific business, WasteX can help. WasteX will provide you service when and where you need it. Our waste receptacles are easy to maintain and emptied as frequently as you require.