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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is required for my business in Florida?


64E-16, Florida Administrative Code 64e 16 prescribes minimum sanitary practices relating to the management of biomedical waste, including segregation, handling, labeling, storage, transport, and treatment.

WasteX ensures you have compliance with all the rules and regulations once you have signed a service agreement.


How frequently are biomedical waste pickups required?


The state of Florida requires a minimum pickup every 30 days.


What is a spill kit?


Spill kits are required by the state of Florida to be on site including fluid absorbent material, gloves, goggles, PPE, germicidal wipes and other materials to aid in cleaning up a biomedical spill.

WasteX provides you a spill kit with your first service.


What is a Biomedical Waste Operating plan?


The State of Florida requires your facility to have a biomedical waste operating plan listing particular items such as disposal, manifests, waste segregation and handling procedures for employees to read.

WasteX provides you the ability to create this plan FREE within your compliance portal.


What is Biomedical Waste handling training?


The state of Florida requires that each employee in your organization which handles or may handle biomedical waste is required to undergo training each year.

WasteX provides this training FREE.


Do I need OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training?


Federal law 29 CFR 1910.1030 requires employers to provide bloodborne pathogen training to all employees.

This is provided FREE to all WasteX customers.

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Biomedical Waste & Proper Disposal

In most states, biomedical waste is required to be picked up from a licensed transporter on a frequent basis such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Biomedical waste is considered a hazardous solid or liquid that, if exposed to it, can cause infection. Examples of biomedical waste include blood, body fluids, body parts, and non-liquid tissues.

Included FREE with your WasteX Biomedical Waste Disposal service agreement is an online training program, which provides compliance with all of the above items:

  • HIPAA & OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training for all employees
  • Biomedical Waste Operating Plan in accordance with 64E-16, Administrative Code
  • Employee Biomedical Waste Handling Training completed and documented in compliance with Administrative Code (Required Annually)
  • Maintain Records for biomedical waste disposal manifests for a time period of 36 months
  • Proper Disposal Procedures for all biomedical waste and sharps at point of origin
  • Red Bag Requirements meet 64E-16.004(c) and Florida administrative code
  • Biomedical Waste Protocols: Sharps containers sealed at 75% full; Biomedical waste labeled with international biohazard symbol; Impermeable container usage
  • Proper Storage Procedures including restricted access, impervious floor, and proper outdoor storage areas
  • Labeling of the biomedical waste including generator's name and address
  • Transfer of biomedical waste including sealing at point of origin for a licensed transporter to collect for treatment

NO FAIL GUARANTEE means that WasteX will go to great lengths to ensure you never fail an inspection. By using our proprietary compliance software along with the biohazardous waste disposal services, your company will be in the right hands. 

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